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Estimated Cost for Removing Asbestos

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a construction material that was popular way back in the early 20th century. But, people are not aware of the health risks of Asbestos. Today, as studied by the experts, it is now proven that Asbestos fibre can cause respiratory illness such as lung cancer. Unfortunately, this was not confirmed until 1999 when Asbestos was banned in the UK.

Therefore, houses and buildings that were built in the 20th century until 1999 to be exact possibly contained Asbestos that is risky for people’s health.

But, don’t worry if you’re living in a house built with Asbestos for as long as the foundation is in a good structure and not cracked then it is fine. It is only dangerous if the structure built with asbestos has been broken or cracked by an earthquake. Because, there’s a possibility that the fibre from the structure might spread in the air and cause respiratory diseases. Most likely, asbestos was commonly used for floors, walls, roofs, and insulation. 

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Types of Asbestos Used in Construction 

  • Brown Asbestos (Amosite) – this type of asbestos is described as very sharp and can be easily inhaled. It is the second most commonly used type of asbestos. This was also used for thermal insulation in buildings. 
  • White Asbestos (Chrysotile) – this type of asbestos is the most commonly used for construction. It contains 95% of asbestos. It is usually used in building roofs.  
  • Blue Asbestos (Crocidolite) –  this type of asbestos was rarely used in the UK. This is commonly mixed with cements so it is quite hard to determine the asbestos in a structure. So you will need an expert to examine your house if it was built in the 1900’s. Also, you are not allowed to remove the asbestos on your own because it’s against the law and would be risky for your health too. 

If you’re planning to remove the asbestos in your house or building and would like to know how much will it costs to remove it, then the answer is it depends on how much asbestos should be removed. But first, you have to hire some professional to examine the house or building and make an assessment of the amount of asbestos and its risks. The usual cost for the consultation is about £200. This will take some time because experts should provide you a detailed output about the asbestos removal in your place. 

After that, protective adhesive should be applied to structures or portions of the house that contain asbestos to prevent the asbestos fibers from circulating in the air. This process is called encapsulation, while full removal of asbestos has a different price. So expect that it will require a lot of work to completely eliminate the asbestos in your house or a building. 

However, if you’re planning to sell your property that was built with asbestos then it will be difficult even if you encapsulated some areas in the house. Unlike if your place completely undergoes the process of full asbestos removal.  

Look on the brighter side, once asbestos was successfully removed in your home you will feel relief. Moreover, if there are areas that are complicated to deal with and will take time to remove the asbestos then expect that the cost will be expensive because it will be difficult for the professionals to make ways on how to remove it and repair what will get affected after removing the asbestos. It might need a renovation within a particular area that has been damaged so it is a time consuming work. On the other hand, all will be worth it instead of risking your own health and your loved ones. Our lives are precious and we should take precautions on asbestos.  You might spend £2,000 on asbestos removal like for the garage area. But don’t worry for there are many services for asbestos removal that offer a discounted rate which is very helpful to save up from the total cost.  


How much will it cost for an asbestos removal? 

 The usual price for asbestos removal is £50 per square metre. While the estimated cost for protective adhesive application will range from £8-£15 per square metre. However, the actual costs for asbestos removal will still depend on the size of the target area, the time frame, and the renovation after the damage caused by asbestos removal.

Typically, it will take 3-5 days to remove asbestos but still depends on the size of the project. The cost will range from £200-£300 a day. It will take 2-3 hours for a professional to examine the area with asbestos and will cost you around £200.

Overall, an estimated cost of  breakdown for the full asbestos removal will cost £1,125 for the materials that will be used, £1,250 for the labour costs, and £125 for removal of the waste which will total to the amount of £2,500. Take note, that these are just estimated costs for an asbestos removal and you still need to consider the size of the area with asbestos and the cost of damage it will bring and the renovation after the removal.


You might think that removing the asbestos all by yourself could save you up from an expensive asbestos removal. But come to think of it? Is it really worth it to take the risks for your health?

Not just because it is against the law to remove the asbestos on your own, but also it is dangerous to your health. As you can see,  the professionals have their complete attire when removing the asbestos. Also, your health is priceless compared to the costs of asbestos removal.