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Air Source Heating: How much could be the estimated cost?

Biomass boilers are quite popular in the UK because the cost is much lower than usual heating systems in the market. It is cheaper and a better option when it comes to costs of fuel, the overall costs, and its effect on the environment. However, there are some factors that you need to consider before you buy a biomass boiler such as the kind of boiler you’ll choose, the storage size, and its fuel type. 

According to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Legislation, there is no limit for the heat demand to be recognised for payments. So for those who have larger areas or properties can receive an RHI payment which could be higher than the cost they spent with the installations.

So if you have a huge property size and have biomass boilers, then you could possibly get a payback from your installation costs in 2 or 3 years. But since there are changes in the incentives for 2017, there are now limits for heat demands which should be applied for biomass systems with a maximum of 25,000 kWh each year.  Unlike with the gas-fired and oil-fired heating systems, biomass boilers will require a huge space for fuel storage. Despite being popular in the market, biomass boilers still have lower sales compared to oil and gas boilers. 

A traditional manual  biomass boiler that needs to be fed with log will cost around £4,000, while the larger biomass boilers could cost around £10,000. The automatic biomass boilers that need pellets  will typically cost £9,000 that can be used for small houses or areas, while those who need automatic boilers for spacious homes may cost £21,000.

The cost of biomass boilers will depend on the manufacturer, the type of boiler, and the size. The automatic boiler is more expensive than the manual biomass boilers. Consider also the running costs when you started using the biomass boiler.  Waste wood is commonly used for making wood pellets, which is used as a fuel for biomass boilers. Wood pellets price would range from £150-£200 per tonne. 

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Installation Costs for Different types of Biomass Boiler

The cost of materials needed for installation of a biomass boiler may vary  depending if it’s an automatic biomass boiler or manual. The usual price for a small manual biomass boiler starts at £3,000, while the large boiler may cost around £9,000 . 

Here are some of the estimated costs for labor if you’re planning to hire a specialist heating engineer to install your biomass boiler. The costs may vary depending on the type of biomass boiler. The average cost for a manual small fed log boiler for supply and installation starts at £4,000 and it may take 2-3 days to finish the installation.

For large manual biomass boilers, it may cost around £10,000 for supply and installation and may take 2-3 days too. While for pellet-fed automatic small biomass boilers, it may cost around £9,000 and £20,000 for larger ones.  It may take 2-4 days to finish the installation.

Is it possible to connect an existing heating system to a biomass boiler?

Yes it is. In fact, it is more effective to connect an existing heating system to a biomass boiler since there will only be a few heat loss through the process of exchanging heat. Also, it will still work just like any other heating system that transfers heat from the outside to your home to provide heat for your shower.

Facts you need to know about Biomass boiler

Did you know that biomass boilers are an eco-friendly type of heating system and the ashes from it is potash which can be used as a fertilizer to help  grow plants. Potash is a term combined from “potassium” and “ashes”. So you can dispose of the ashes from your biomass boiler without any worries. You can use any timer control switch to make a biomass boiler work full automatic.  Fossil-fuelled boilers are very low maintenance and only need annual cleaning unlike with non-fossil fuelled boilers. 


Biomass boilers cannot be fed by any kind of fuel you want just because there’s no available stock of fuel for your boiler. It is not a multi-fuel type system, so, biomass boilers are designed to work only with a specific fuel. Biomass boilers are a good choice as a back-up heating system. Even though it’s cheaper than the other types of boiler, still it has low sales in the market.