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Everything you need to know about the costs of building a garage

One of the most popular and common ways to improve your home is to build a garage. So if you’re a resident in the UK, where car crimes are extensive. 

However, there are some insurance companies that could possibly give you lower insurance charge if you will pull up your car in your garage overnight. 

In fact, having a garage is more convenient and you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your car is in a safe place. So basically the garage is also a way to  protect your car from car thieves criminals and also the changing UK weather. That is why it is one of the common home improvements. In this article, we will tackle the important information about what you should know in building a garage. We will also discuss the difference in costs between having a DIY garage and hiring a specialist to build the garage.

If you are planning to have lights and power  in your new garage, then you should hire an electrician that is professional and licensed so that there will be no problem with the electrical. You can get a quotation from a licensed electrician by simply clicking the “Get a Quote” button on this website to post the job you wanted to be done. You can also get a gardener for landscape especially if you have a garden. This is to build a way in your garden from the house to the garage if parted. And of course, you should also make a way from your garage to the driveway to the road.

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List of Costs for Building a  New Garage

Here are some of the  breakdown of the standard costs for different steps of building a single garage with an area size of 30 sq metres:

  • For Concrete foundations – it will usually cost around  £2500 up to £350 
  • For Waste removal & skip it could cost around £300 to £600
  • Garage doors will typically cost around £500 up to £3000 depending on the size and its type.
  • Heating & Electrics usually starts at £500 to £1000
  • While for finishing that includes plastering, decorating, and painting it will cost you at around £1000 to £2000.

Cost of Garage doors

If you’re canvassing for the price of the garage door, then you should know ahead that the price may vary depending on the type of door you want and also its size.

  • Up and over canopy – are one of the most popular garage doors that has two-overlapping doors and the price will range from £300 up to £2500.
  • Up and over  retractable- It also works just like canopy, the only difference is that they use tension springs instead of cables for doors to lift. However, the price of canopy is similar to this one.
  • Rollers – this kind of door is made up of a series of thin strip woods that overlap to each other and the price will usually cost around £500 up to £1500.
  • Side hinged – have various options to choose from like timber, steel, and grp. The cost is usually around £700 up to £3000.
  • Sectional – this is just like a roller door that looks just like the up and over if the door is opened. The sectional is also divided into 4 or more panels. This also does not extend into the road. The price for this door will  cost around£600 up to £5000.
  • Round the corner – This is just like sectional doors which run along the side of a garage wall. The costs will range from £800 and up to £2000.

Is it necessary to have permission before building a garage?

There is no required planning permission when you want to have some changes with your home that needs to be built outside or beside your house. But, there are certain restrictions of course especially when it’s near the driveway. Outbuildings that are just a one-storey house, and do not have balconies or any  raised platforms, will not consume more than half of the property and are not higher than the houses built in the area are the one that do not require planning permission.

Is it possible to increase the value of my property if I build a garage?

If you will build an extension that already has an attached garage, then it might increase the value of your property. However, if you’re planning to really make your garage made in brick then make sure you invest with expensive and high quality materials as well. Don’t worry about the overall costs as you will also regain what you’ve spent with the garage when  you sell it. 

So if you want your garage to have a strong foundation, then better hire professionals to build it instead of doing it all by yourself just because you want to save up.

Don’t settle for less if you can afford to build a garage with a sturdy foundation. Safety is more important so think of your life or someone else’s rather than cost you need to spend just to have a secured and strong foundation. Just make sure that pipes and cables are not present in the area before you start to dig out foundations.  Also, it will cost you more if you accidentally cut the power cable, or the water pipe. So this should be handled only by experts and don’t do it all by yourself!

Advantages of garage extension

Having a garage is very helpful in many situations such as additional storage for things, a decent space to park your car, ensure the safety of your car from the changing weather in the UK and also from criminals. Another thing is that, if the garage was built with high quality materials and a strong foundation then it might add value to your property once you sell it. 

How much does it cost to build a garage?

In order to get an accurate price list for building a garage, here are some of the estimated costs that might help you decide on how much you should save up for building a garage. We also gather information and quotations for your reference.But still, if you want a more detailed quotation then you can submit your requirements to get the exact costs for building a garage that will also fit your budget.

The overall cost for building a garage may vary depending on the size of the garage and also the materials that will be used. Garages that are made from brick are more expensive, but are more recommended especially if you have the budget to really afford it.  Brick-built garages are one of the most popular foundations for a sturdy garage. It will usually cost around £12,000 just for a small garage.

It will usually cost around £200 per day. You will need at least 2-4 people to build your garage and finish it as soon as possible with a strong foundation. For a garage that has detached single-brick, it will cost at around £10000 up to £15000 and may take up to 2 to 4 weeks to finish.

For a double garage that has detached single-brick, it will typically cost you at around £20000-£25000 and may take up to 4 to 8 weeks before it’s completely done. While for a double garage that has detached double-brick, the price will start from £25000-£30000 and could last from 5 to 9 weeks to finish the garage.