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Porch Extension: Everything you need to know about the costs

If you’re planning to extend your house, then you can start with a porch since it’s one of the most simple and easy to build. Having a porch can be a help for convenience when you have visitors since there will be additional space to place the bags, hats, coats, and shoes. If you want your home to look more elegant, then you’ll never go wrong having a porch as an extension. In fact, you can have it built since it’s very affordable.

Does having a porch can affect the value of my home?

Having a porch will not only add elegance to your home but also to the value of your home if ever you’re planning to sell it soon. So before you start building a porch, better calculate first the expenses and the costs you will spend with it then make some additional price or value to your property before selling it.

One of the advantages of having a porch is the security it gives to your front door. You can also consider some things before getting a porch like the foundation should be strong and well-built in order to avoid accidents and also monitor the wages you will give to the builders since there are many people who may take advantage of you.

In this article, you will know more about building a porch and what are the things you should avoid so that it won’t cause you problems in the long run. 

On the other hand, you might want to take into consideration the materials that were going to be used in your new porch. Leaving the old materials used in your exterior might not match perfectly with it. You may want to re-paint the bricks and walls or better yet renovate the whole exterior.

Is it necessary to have a Planning Permission for a new porch? 

Mostly, the normal size for a porch will be measured at least 1.2 meters for the width and 3 meters deep. So if you will exceed the standard size of a porch then that’s the time you’ll need to have a planning permission. So you have to make sure that if you will build a porch, it will meet the standard size since it’s very crucial.

These are some of the inclusions as part of the project for your new porch: A brick dwarf-wall, some glazing, a front door for security, a floor made of concrete, and a roof made of tiles. For the costs, it will typically range from £800 up to £1,500 per square meter if you want to have this kind of porch building.

But, you can still choose a different style for your new porch depending on the design you want.

Ready to get a quote from local tradespeople?

Steps on how to construct your new porch

Having a porch as an extension to your home is not that hard to buildanc can be built through DIY. Bricks and glazing are usually present in the process of building a porch. The most affordable type of roof is the flat one.

But, if you want it to look a bit extra, then you can go for Edwardian or Victorian which is more expensive than the typical roof.

After everything was put into place, the next thing that will be done is plastering the interiors and fit the flooring. You can choose between wooden or have your flooring laminated which is in demand since it can be easily clean. The last thing to be done are the decorations and if you have other repairs.

If you’re going to build a new porch and you don’t have enough budget to fix the damages if ever there will be during the process. So if ever there’s no way to avoid such damages on the walls when the porch is being built, then make sure that the repairs and renovations are part of the quotation or you should have allotted extra funds for that.

How much will it cost to replace a porch?

In order to place a new porch, you have to demolish first your old porch. It is not that hard to remove and build a new porch but I assure you that it will take time to finish the work.  Maybe 1-2 days? Depending on the size of the porch and the decorations and other extra work you want to be done. The cost to replace an old porch will range from around £300 to £500.

So if you don’t have the budget for it, then you can still have an option to just renovate your old porch which will be cheaper than replacing the whole porch.

How Much will it Cost to Build  A Porch

We have gathered information from online and also with various tradesman here in the UK. But keep in mind, that the amounts that will be mentioned in this article are just estimated costs that you can use as a guideline if you’re planning to build a porch. Therefore, you still have to consider some points that may affect the overall cost for a porch.

Actually, it is more expensive to demolish an old porch then replace it with a new one. Imagine the costs of the materials from your old porch. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of decoration or renovation to make your porch look fancy. Especially if the materials used in your old porch have high quality and are still in good condition. 

The average specialist will usually charge around £150-£200 per day in labour. Typically, builders will often work in a pair or as a small team of 3-4 workers to complete the job but can occasionally work on their own depending on the size of the porch being built.

If you’re planning to hire a specialist to work on your porch, then expect to pay labour costs at around  £150-£200 per day. Usually, you might need at least 2 persons or 3-4 builders to work and finish your porch. Manpower will also vary depending on the size of your porch.

You can see below the estimated costs for each kind of porch;

For Lean-to Porch, it will cost £2500 and could take 1 to 2 weeks to finish the porch. A porch that has a flat gable roof will cost £3500, and can be done for almost 1-2 weeks. Gable Roof Porch can cost up to £2500 and time frame to finish the work could lead up from 1-2 weeks. And for Edwardian Porch, it may cost around £3000 and can be done for 1-2 weeks too.