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Knowing the Cost of Cleaning and Sealing a Driveway

Get the Real Facts!

Not all may realize but cleaning and sealing your block way patio or driveway is important. One of the few reasons why there are homeowners who disregard the significance of this home outdoor project is the cost of the service. Some people think that it is expensive and can be quite a huge addition to one’s budget. But is that true?

In this article, we will provide you with real facts about how much cleaning and sealing your driveway cost.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Why cleaning and sealing your driveway is a MUST?

Aesthetically speaking, a block paver patio or driveway is a good idea because it will never be out of style. Most importantly, it offers durability which is a very important factor for driveways. However, maintaining these concrete blocks is the challenging part. They can get damaged and develop cracks as a result of everyday wear and tear. Taking care of your paving will give you the assurance that you will not need to spend money on repair and renovation. 

Block paving is unquestionably expensive. To protect this kind of investment, it is very important to fill your driveway and seal it for proper maintenance and long-life. Getting your paved patio or driveway sealed will protect it from strains such as oil leaks from cars. It will also prevent algae and weeds from growing which lengthens the lifespan of this particular project.

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DRIVEWAY CLEANING AND SEALING: Getting to know the process.

The job entails not very difficult procedures but sealing pavers may not be for everyone. It is not a DIY job for homeowners like you. That is why hiring an expert or professional is best advised.

The following are the proper steps to cleaning and sealing a block paved patio or driveway:

  •         Using a pressure washer to remove all traces of weeds, algae and any old stains.
  •         After the driveway is completely dry and clean, the joints are refilled with dried sand.
  •         Excess sand will be removed from the surface.
  •         Finally, by using a brush, roller or a squeegee, the sealer will be applied.

Most of the time, a driveway cleaning and sealing service company will also offer cleaning and updating other areas of your home. One common service that they also do is brick & masonry cleaning. This is ideal for any walls which border the driveway as they will surely look neat and clean, a perfect view during outdoor home activities.

How much does it cost?

Typically, driveway cleaning, sanding and sealing cost around £300. That is for an average-sized driveway. Talking about the cost per square meter, price is between £8.50 and £12.50. Please be informed that the service cost will also vary on the location, type of sealant used and the size of the drive. It will take a few days for the turnaround time of this project.

Chemical fungicide needs to be applied to prevent weed growth in the long run. To make sure that you are saving time, money and effort, hire a professional, skilled and knowledgeable tradesman.