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Knowing the Cost of Installing Composite Decking

This article will provide you real facts and helpful information about composite decking, including the cost of installation, materials, labor and turnaround time.

Composite decking also known as Wood-Plastic decking is one of the fastest-growing wood deck alternatives on the market today. Aesthetically speaking, it offers the beauty of modern decking which many homeowners find it safer and more comfortable for families with kids and pets.

One of the best things about composite decks is, it is a man-made material that has the natural look of hardwood. Made from recycled plastic and woods, the materials are proven to be less harmful to the environment than other types of decking.

Also, it boasts low maintenance and does not require typical work. It is sturdy enough to stay under the heat of the sun without fading and with just a wipe down with soapy water once in a year, it’s all good. Composite decking is truly very convenient!

Talking more about a composite deck’s durability, compared to wooden decks, it is impervious to rot. It is one of the reasons why there are retailers who offer a guarantee of quality for 10 years or more. Their confidence comes from the fact that the plastic components of composite decking are incredibly strong that they won’t warp, twist or splinter.

Plus, it is highly resistant to UV rays and other harmful natural elements. However, all these amazing characteristics come at a cost requiring a more initial investment. Compared to wooden decking, composite decking board for board is more expensive.

Moreover, if you decide to change the color or customize, that would not be possible because composite decks can’t be sanded-down or stained a different color. Well, everything is still going to be worth it as composite decking can simulate the look of many exotic hardwoods. That would surely give homeowners many style options when designing and building their deck.

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When it comes to the installation, composite manufacturers have different fitting guidelines. A person who will be working on it needs to carefully follow instructions to avoid problems. Composite decking uses the same tools as traditional wood decking.

Only, there is added benefit of side grooves for hidden fasteners. Also, the decking boards and abutting walls need to have a specific gap to each other. This is to allow expansion during hot weather. Without sufficient expansion gaps, the decking boards might warp and buckle.

Consequently, if the decking boards are uncapped they become susceptible to mildew because of its wood and plastic composition. To fight mildew, keeping the surfaces dry and clean is necessary. To clean it is easy. All you need is a basic power washer with a specialized decking cleaning product. These are enough to combat the growth of mold and mildew.

Now, if you want capped composite decks, they are more expensive but with the assurance that your deck is effectively sealed from these harmful outdoor elements.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Composite Decks?

The cost varies depending on the quality of flooring or specific supplies used. But it will depend largely on the size of the decking area being produced. For a 1 meter standard squared composite deck, the price will be around £100. So for smaller composite decking projects, the overall cost can be nominal.

The Turnaround Time

The timeframe of a composite decking installation depends on the size and complexity of the project. But typically it will take a few days. For a smaller deck, it can be installed in 1 day. No matter how easy the task may seem to some homeowners, it is advisable to hire a professional tradesman. Their normal day rate is commonly around £200. That’s not a huge expense to consider since it comes with the assurance that you will get the best outcome.