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Knowing the Cost of Fitting a Curtain and Handrail

This article will provide you real facts and helpful information about fitting a curtain and handrail, including the cost, materials, labor and turnaround time of this home improvement project.

The fact that windows are such a big part of a house interior decoration, curtains have become a very important home embellishment. From an aesthetic point of view, curtains can create a classic to futuristic feels. However, without a curtain pole installed on your walls, fitting and hanging curtains may not be an easy task.

On the other hand, staircases are another crucial part of your home. Aside from showcasing a great engineering and creative construction, your staircase provides easy means of moving between levels of your house. That is when you need to realize that handrails are significant in staircases. Here is what you need to know about curtain fitting and handrail installation.

The Basics of Fitting a Curtain and Handrail

The curtains as the ornaments and the poles as a safety measure, both must come together all the time. Same with the staircases and handrails. They need to fit properly to avoid any mishaps. A curtain fall and a fall on the stairs are surely the last things you would want to happen.

Now, installing a curtain pole and handrail is not a DIY job for homeowners like you. The task can be complicated and might cause wall damage if done in the wrong way. So for the installation, the services of an expert and professional tradesman is required.

When installing a curtain pole, to be sure that it is positioned with the drop that you want to achieve, the height of the curtain pole will be marked out. One main factor to consider when getting the right measurement is the type of curtain that you have, whether the curtain hangs from eyelets, rings or fabric tabs.

Next, the brackets at each end of the pole will be positioned at least 50mm from the very edge of the side and top of your window. Unless your curtains are thick, you may need a little more than 50mm to allow for the extra material. Those are things that you need to contemplate to make sure you achieve the perfect curtain fit.

When installing a handrail, to be sure that it is the correct one for your stairs, it’s height from the pitch line to the top will be measured first. The contractor will be measuring the continuous diagonal along the wall where the handrail will follow.

This also ensures that the handrail is positioned parallel to the diagonal slope of your stairs and it has the right length for your wall. What if a handrail needs to be shortened? The tradesman will trim it and make sure that both endings are attached properly to achieve a smooth finish. Then, brackets will be marked out evenly along the parallel line of the stairs to securely fit the handrail on the wall.

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Safe Installation

When installing the curtain pole and handrail, before a tradesman will drill into your walls, he uses a tool to check whether your walls contain lintels. Lintels are concrete structural horizontal blocks that could be hazardous during the drill. The installer makes it sure that the curtain pole and handrail measurement are perfect to avoid imbalance between the curtain pole and handrail.

Now, if your wall is damaged or in poor condition, that could affect the job as a whole. From the timeframe of the project to the price of the labor, you may get some additional charges as your walls will need some plastering and skimming. 

Talking more about curtain fitting, if you opt for ceiling-mounted curtain rails, these need to be fitted perfectly as well. They will be installed using lengthy screws that are long enough to reach the joints beyond the plaster. If the curtain rails are too short, they will be joined together.

But if that could not achieve a pleasing output, then buying a longer curtain rail may be needed. Moreover, to support the brackets, a tradesman will install a batten. To be held securely in place, screws, robust adhesive or plugs will be used. Make sure that from the start, you have chosen the right length size of a curtain rail and handrail to avoid any addition to the price of the job.

The Cost

Depending on the number of curtains or handrails you require, you may need around £80 – £15 as the average cost of installation. With regards to the labor fee, typically it will cost around £100 – £150 per day.

Again, if you’re such a DIY enthusiast and you are thinking of doing the job all by yourself, then be ready to damage your walls. Yes that could happen! Attaching handrails and curtain poles can be a tedious job.

To make sure that you will be getting the right curtain fit and handrail, hire the right person for the job. They can give you the home improvement that you have been longing for.