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Knowing the Cost to Replace a Door Lock

This article will provide you real facts and helpful information about replacing a door lock, including the cost of installation, materials, labor and turnaround time.

Your door locks at home are your first line of defense against theft and intrusions. They aren’t just part of your doors. Their main purpose is for security and protection. And that means a lot to you and your family! Therefore, like many other people today, improving door security should also be your priority.

Basic Knowledge

There are many ways to improve door security but replacing or upgrading locks is the most popular method. Locks are also in various types. Here are some examples.

In the UK, the most common type of lock is Yale locks. These are self-locking that function by just closing the door. One of its best advantages is when you use it as a replacement to your old lock, you can just change the cylinder and key. You don’t have to get rid of your entire old lock and that saves you money.

However, despite the popularity of Yale locks, it is not strong enough and can be easily destroyed by using force.

Another kind of lock is a deadlock and it works differently. For it to lock, you must turn a key. It is commonly used at night or when someone leaves the house for a prolonged period of time.

For companies, a five-lever mortice deadlock conforming to BS 3621 is the most preferred type. The good news you’ll probably get a discount of your home insurance if your deadlock is a five lever device conforming to the British Standards. Now, if you decide to replace your locks with deadlocks, you need to buy a whole unit of it. That also means you need to change your entire old lock.

Moreover, when deadlocks are used in conjunction with Yale locks, they became more effective security tools.

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Strength and Durability

When a forced break-in happens in your house, check if the door frame has split. Before installing a new lock, you need to get your door and its frame repaired by a carpenter. Very few thieves pick locks. When they force-open doors, they kick and break them. They will rarely spend the time unlocking your door.

When it comes to choosing a door lock, consider its security aspect. How strong is it to protect your home from these unwanted people? Evaluate the actual physical strength of the door and the frame. It’s not the lock alone that needs durability but your door and its frame as well.

What to Keep in Mind?

If you are already planning to replace your old locks at home, remember that there are other related jobs that you should also consider. Just imagine having good door locks but poor or no window locks at all?

How could that work? Your family’s safety against intruders is still at risk. Therefore, having a security system at all points of your home’s entry must be secured. Hire a security expert to check and evaluate your property’s security measures. An extra layer of security, plus a possible deterrent can make your house impenetrable.

Hiring a Tradesman

Today, people offering lock replacement services are everywhere. Be careful when making your choice. A professional tradesman has undergone proper job training. He also has the qualifications and even the so-called trade membership. They are recognized and recommended. A cowboy tradesman is not concerned about your home’s safety. They are after your money so be mindful when picking a person to do the job.

Locks and Insurance Compliances

Every homeowner like you must be sure that you have the correct locks as stated on your insurance policy. That could help you take advantage of any discounts from your insurance company regarding door locks. If your locks are different from the insurer specification, expect your insurance company to invalidate any claims that may arise.

Anyone must take advantage of any premium discount for a secure lock. Make that easy. Hire a professional tradesman to check your locks. Additionally, many household insurance companies will give you a discount on the premiums if you have a secure lock fitted. Contact your insurer when changing your locks. They can give you advice on what type of lock can make you save money.

Cost of Lock Replacement

Replacing a typical deadlock installed in a wooden front door typically costs around £150. That price already includes parts and labor. It is cheaper to replace the cylinder or Yale door lock alone. The price is around £125. Now when you are in need to change your locks in the middle of the night and during weekends, the given estimated cost can change. An emergency call-out of a locksmith could usually cost an additional minimum charge of £50.

Installing new locks now! That’s a home improvement that can give you the peace of mind.