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Knowing the Average Cost of Dropping a Kerb

This article will provide you helpful information about dropping a kerb, including the cost, materials, labor and turnaround time of this home improvement project.

If you’re planning to create a drop kerb on your property to have easy access to the road, that’s a good plan. Because a dropped kerb has several great advantages and these are the following:

  •         It improves vehicle crossings.
  •         Making pedestrian and wheelchair access simpler.
  •         Allows access for motorists from the carriageway on to, or across, footways and driveways.
  •         Safer off-road parking.
  •         Adds value to your property.

In this article, we are giving you tips and information on how to drop a kerb successfully.  So read more to learn more about this type of home improvement project.

The Service and Labor Cost of Dropping a Kerb

The standard cost to drop a kerb is £800 to £1,200. That is for the installation alone. To get a good price quotation, you should contact your Local Authority. Building contractors charge differently. Aim to get the right services to avoid being overcharged. The project cost will actually vary depending on your location, number of kerbs to drop, width of pavement, and if you’ll want to extend an existing dropped kerb.

The good news is some contractors offer the extension of a dropped kerb for free while some charge up to £600 or more. The timeframe of a drop kerb usually takes around 1 to 2 days. If it is a bigger job, expect a timeframe of one week plus you’ll need more tradespeople to work on it.

Depending on how many kerbs will be dropped, the complexity, width, and the number of tradespeople who will be working, this project can take from three days to a full week. To begin with the installation, the proposed area will be inspected. The inspection usually costs around £200. If the area has been overlooked, parts of your landscape may be removed.

That will require the help of a tree surgeon. Cutting down trees could cost anywhere £75 to £1,200. The price can still change depending on the height of the tree. This service can cost you £40 an hour.

You need to allocate a budget around £200 for the contractor labor fee. That is for a full-day work. There are dropped kerbs and driveways that take a lot longer than others so expect a higher budget allocated for the cost of labor. The contractor who will be working on the project is someone appointed by your local council. You can choose a tradesman on your own but upon the approval of the local authority.

Project Basic: Dropping a Kerb

To have a better understanding of dropped kerbs, it is best to learn about what these jobs entail. During a dropped kerb installation, there are several steps involved. First, a qualified contractor will be inspecting the area by assessing the ground for any pipes or cables. These are objects that need protection from vehicles that will park on the driveway.

Next, the contractor will be measuring how far they need to dig into the pathway by excavating. This must be done without any damage. Furthermore, it will prepare the ground for the installation. To create a ramp-style driveway, the kerb stones will then be lowered. Then, it will be strengthened to ensure its durability to support the weight of one or more vehicles. When everything is already in place, the area is now ready for tarmacked.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dropping a Kerb

You will need permission from your local council before starting with the dropped kerb project. It’s a non-refundable application that cost £50 to £350. There are some councils that will pay back half of the fee if the application is declined.

Others will put the application cost towards the installation. Also, some local authorities charge a fixed fee while having their own approved contractors to do the work. You’ve got no choice there. On the other hand, some councils will allow you to choose your own contractor to do the work, granted that the contractor you hired is approved by them.

The price also depends on the location, width and drop size of the project, and the number of kerbs to be installed. Another factor that can add up to the project cost is any obstructions on your pathway. Trees or furnishings must be removed and you will need to hire somebody to clear your driveway. There goes the additional expenses.

Additional Cost

Extra costs may be needed most of the time. Usually, these are procedures or materials needed to ensure your dropped kerb meets your council’s standards. Applying for a dropped kerb for better vehicle access is one good example. A new driveway can cost £40 to £70 per square meter.

Now, if you have a wall surrounding your property, prepare yourself to knock it down. Yes, it is most of the time required to accommodate the dropped kerb. It will cost you £100 to £400 to tear down your walls and remove the waste by a professional contractor. If you want to save money and you prefer to do that job specifically, that’s fine.

However, you will still need to pay for skip disposal that can cost £175. Don’t worry. Make the space worth the downfall of your walls. Building a new garden wall to add extra appeal and safety to the front of your property could be a great idea.

By building a fence and garden gate installed, you can secure your property. If this is something you want, all you need is a £100 budget per panel. Also, a single garden gate typically costs £20 to £50 while a double gate costs £60 to £90.

Ready to get a quote from local tradespeople?

Is Kerb Dropping for DIY Enthusiasts?

Local authorities strongly discourage DIY dropped kerbs. However, if you are qualified to do the job yourself, then that could be an exemption. But that seldom happens. The council will look for requirements and you need to comply before you’ll be allowed to do the work alone. Your local authority will assign a contractor to complete the job for you. There will be times that they will offer you a list of approved contractors. In that case, you can choose a contractor once permission is granted.

Here are the criteria needed for you to choose your own contractor.

  •         Planning consent has been granted.
  •         Both party should have a full NRSWA accreditation.
  •         Both party have public liability insurance covering a minimum of £10 million.
  •         Being able to comply with the highway authority’s vehicle crossing installation standards.
  •         Can show clear utility drawings for the location.
  •         Must adhere to the highway guidelines set out in chapter 8.

Once you have completely complied with the given criteria, then you and your contractor can anytime begin with the project.

The Consequence When Dropping a Kerb without Planning Permission

Dropping a kerb without planning permission will leave you open to several problems. Any illegally dropped kerbs will be removed and fixed by the council anytime they found out. The authorized personnel will reinstate your original pathway. That comes with a cost of £150 to £200 to be paid by the homeowner himself.

Worse things could happen if you will not get a planning permission. In the event that you employ an unauthorized contractor to work on a public highway, it is a criminal offense. That is considered a criminal damage to Local Authority property. No reputable contractor would do such work without permission from the Council.

Professionals know the policy especially when it comes to creating dropped kerb. If someone offers you services and tells you that have dropped hundreds of kerbs with no problems from the Local Authority, it’s a trap. Always check first with the Local Authority for a smooth sailing undertaking.

When Do You Need to Drop a Kerb?

People have different reasons why they want to drop a kerb. One good is example is to being able to park your car on the driveway. Parking without a dropped kerb and drive over the footway is breaking the law. You will be held liable from any damage to the path or utility apparatus under the path. Any collision with a pedestrian will also be held liable under your name.

Another reason for you to drop a kerb is when you have a family member who’s an elderly and struggles to talk, or you’re with someone who need to use a wheelchair. Just imagine walking on the pathway without the need to be carried. With just a push, there you go.

Do You Need to Apply for Planning Permission to Drop a Kerb?

In most cases, you need a planning permission. However, it is not automatically given to you. The type of road adjacent you will use to the kerb is a major factor in granting planning permission. You need to comply this requirement to get high chance of approval. Applying for planning permission will be done via your local council.

To apply, follow this process:

  •         An application fee of £50 will be collected. In some regions in the UK, the application can go higher up to £350.
  •         Submit your application on your Local Authority’s website. Wait for permission that could take up to 8 weeks to 16 weeks.
  •         Your Local Authority will organize an inspection to survey the area.
  •         You need to wait up to 10 working days to receive a quote for the work if your application is successful.
  •         After finally receiving the quote, you will need to accept the quote and pay in full. You will be given up to 6 months to do so. Failing to do so will require you to re-apply which could cost you another application fee.
  •         Once approve, it’s either your local authority will give you a contractor or you can choose on your own.

Reasons for Rejected Planning Permissions: 

  •         A healthy tree or trees are within the priority.
  •         The parking space is more than 2.4 meters in width.
  •         Street furnishings, including lamps, are below 1.5 meters away.
  •         A tree root can’t be avoided.
  •         The kerb has more than 4.8 meters from the front of your home.
  •         Your front garden is small to fit at least one vehicle on your property.
  •         Proper drainage is not secured.
  •         The construction material will be used are different from the surrounding areas.
  •         The slope leading to your driveway is too steep.

Can You Get a Dropped Kerb for Free?

 Your Local Authority will free a dropped kerb to you if your purpose for this project is for wheelchair access. Sometimes, it may not be free but you will be given a discount.

A Dropped Kerb Adds Value to Your Home

Absolutely yes. A dropped kerb installed outside your home is proven to add value to your home. With a driveway, you can increase your property’s value up to 10%. Dropped kerb is most sought-after amenities by home buyers especially in suburban area.

Building a Driveway

It is vital that you understand planning permission restrictions before deciding on building a driveway. You should speak to the several contractors to get the best quote for building a driveway. It is best to gather 2-3 quotes from reputable companies and compare before making any decisions. 

Dropped Kerb Removal

When it comes to removing a dropped kerb, reinstating the kerb stones and lifting the kerb back to its previous height are the procedures. A dropped kerb implemented illegally is also subjected for removal. A replacement may be needed if there are complications with utilities or a crack in the kerb. Dropped kerb removal will still need the evaluation of your local council.

Hiring the Right Tradesman to Drop a Kerb

Again, a dropped kerb project will either be done by a contractor from your local council or the one you hired. Acquiring the services of a tradesman recommended by the council will cost you £200 a day. You would want to hire your own contractor. Choose the right person. A professional and reliable contractor knows how to stick to the guidelines of the parking on dropped kerb law. This will keep you away from any criminal offense.