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Knowing the Cost of Installing Electric Gates

This article will provide you helpful information about installing electric gates, including the cost, materials, labor and turnaround time of this home improvement project.

Project Basic 

During these days, technology is getting more advanced even in the things that we can improve in our homes and one of which is the electric gates. More and more households prefer having electric gates for their houses for various reasons and some of these are security, convenience, prestige, resale value and comfort.

In the UK in particular, one of the major concerns that they have is security and with this, a lot of the residents have been searching for options to secure their houses and families from criminals. These electric gates also come with other security features such as video or audio intercom. This greatly helps in making sure that each house is secure in a very cost-effective way. 

As mentioned, convenience is also one of the reasons why people install electric gates. It has been known that there are a lot of properties around the UK which have strong wooden and some iron gates and it has been noticed that these gates are left open. It is indeed such a hassle if we need to go out of our house at night to close the gates which you could just have spent more time relaxing and having a quality time with your family.

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For Family Security

Aside from this, whenever you leave the house in your car, you still need to open the gate and close it again every time you go out and back in your house. It’s always great to make use of our time efficiently and effectively. Electric gates have been getting more popular due to the safety and comfort that it provides for families.

Parents have been very anxious when it comes to the safety of their children and even pets who sometimes wander out of their houses which might lead them to accidents and this can actually be prevented by having electric gates in your homes. It has been found out that houses with automatic electric driveway gates have higher resale value and are more appealing to people who would like to purchase a house.

Making the Right Decision

If you are thinking of having an electric gate installed in your house, there are few things that you should think of and one of which is what type of gate would best suit your family and your property. An example is that do your family members either walk or drive through your gates or both?

If your family still needs to walk through the gates then you would need a pedestrian access gate aside from the one for your cars. With this, you will be able to save your main gate’s control mechanism from being worn out right away.

Installation of electric gates can be very crucial especially in making sure that the quality of the motor you have purchased is at its best and you hire a professional installer to have the job done for you.

This can be a little more expensive but this will save you from having future troubles in the future. Yes, you will be able to save money from buying cheap motors and low quality of installation but this will actually give you more problems as time goes by as it needs fixing and even more maintenance.

Types of Electric Gate Automation

Another thing that you need to consider in installing electric gates is the various types of gate automation when it comes to how these gates open. There are gates that swing out to open and these are commonly used and by far the cheapest type of electric gate as this works efficiently on a flat surface. On the other hand, sliding gates are attractive but if you would go for this type of gate, you need to make sure that you have enough space on the side.

In case you would really want this and you do not have enough space on a side, you can actually have two sliding gates which go on opposite sides but you have to take note that this option would be more expensive as this needs two different sets of materials. Another option would be having swing arm openers on your gates which will push the gates to open and close and this mechanism would actually work like robot arms opening and closing the gate for you.

Increase Your House Value

The Electric gates system can be built underground and this will help you keep the automation discreetly and this also comes with a higher price. If your electric gates will be installed on your private property no public property will be involved, there’s actually no need for a planning permission. Although, if your gate will be two meters high or more, you would need to acquire planning permission prior to installation. Moreover, there’s no need for planning permission if you will only be replacing your existing gate or just adding an automation as long as you won’t make it higher.

The Cost of Installing Electric Gates

When we talk about the costs, what you need to consider are your preferences when it comes to the size of the electric gate, the type of materials you would use and the general quality of the gate. Installing a whole new gate would be more expensive compared to replacing an existing gate as you have to put up new steel pillars or bricks especially if you will be hanging a gate.

Another cost you would need to think about is that if your existing pillars need to be replaced as well to be able to support your new gate.

For the electric gate itself, the usual largest cost is between £700-£2000 and this will depend on the type and size of the gate of your preference. Additional gate features will definitely incur additional cost as well such as the mechanism for automation will cost around £300 or can cost as high as £1800 which depends on the specifications and features.

There are instances that electric gates require just small or enough specifications for its automation. If you are looking into having an intercom system, this would cost between £250 to £1200 and again this will vary when it comes to the quality and functionality that you would choose.

Tradespersons usually say that the installation of the system of an electric gate would most likely take a week. If there are other specializations on the installation, the tradesperson would charge a higher rate on their daily job.

Most of their rates are around £250 and the more specialized a job the higher rate it will be. It is highly recommended that you speak to your tradesperson and discuss how much their daily rate would be so that you will have the total cost for the labor and through this, you can also expect what is the quality of their work. 

To give you an idea here are the estimated costs on installing electric gates: 





Electric Double Gate with Intercom Supplied And Fitted


1-4 days

Custom Made Swing Metal Gates Automated 24V


1-4 days

Hardwood Timber Swing Metal Gates Fully Automated


1-4 days

Cost Breakdown

The following are the individual costs of installing electric gates whether automated metal gates, custom-made, supplied and fitted with a total cost of £5000.


– Materials

– £4000


– Tradesmen

– £1000


– Waste Removal

– £0