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Knowing the Cost of Moving an Electric Meter

This article will provide you helpful information about moving an electric meter, including the cost, materials, labor and turnaround time of this home improvement project.

 A complete guide to moving an electric meter.

A lot of families have been living in their own homes for the longest time and there would come a time that they would do some changes or improvements in their houses. Some families would move to new homes or just move around the rooms in their existing house and this would also mean that they need to move their electric meter.

This article would give you the basic information that you need if you are looking into moving your electric meter.

What is involved in moving your electric meter?

There may be various reasons why you would like to move your electric meter and some of which may be it is located in a place in your house that you would like to renovate or it’s just basically not in an ideal position where you can’t readily access.

For whatever reason you have to move your electric meter, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that this job is very dangerous. With this, the law states that this shouldn’t be done by just anyone and should be done by electricity suppliers instead as they are the experts when it comes to these works. 

What should you expect if you are planning to relocate your electric meter?

As mentioned above, if you would like to move your electric meter, you need to get in touch with your electric supplier. You should never try to do this by yourself as it is considered illegal to do so. The basic information that your electric supplier needs to know is that where your electric meter currently located and where you would like to move it. 

Aside from those, you should be able to provide the following information as well:

  1. The property owner’s complete name and a contact telephone number 
  2. The property’s complete address 
  3. The Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) – this can be found on your electric bill

There are various factors that need to be considered for you to know the necessary work which will be discussed below. 

If the distance from where your electric meter is currently located and where you want it to move is 15 centimeters or less, you electric supplier will be able to move the meter for you with the following conditions:

  • l  The electric meter’s location or placement is within your house.
  • l  There is sufficient space or area on the backboard to be able to cover up the changes made.
  • l  The electric meter wiring is long enough to reach the other location.
  • l  There are no necessary changes needed with your electricity supply.

On the other hand, if you want to move your electric meter to three meters across the same wall you have to:

  • Purchase a new backboard for the new location of your electric meter
  • Have a new set of meter cables that are longer than you currently have. Replacing your meter cables should be done by a qualified electrician and do not do it by yourself. Again, never forget that it is against the law to do this work on your own.
  • There are few tasks that would probably need to be completed by your local electric distribution company. 

Now if you would like to move your electric meter more than three meters or basically move the meter to a different wall in your house whether in the same room or a different one:

  •  Your local electric distribution company has to move your main electric supply first. After which that’s the only time your electricity supplier can move the electric meter. You can actually contact your electricity supplier so that they’ll be able to provide more information with this process.

Your local electric distribution company has to work on the movement of your electric meter if it is located outside your house and with that you need to contact them to get more information with this process.

It is highly recommended that you get in touch with your electricity supplier if you will be moving your electric meter as they will give you the best advice you need before doing anything.

After your electric meter has been moved, the work actually doesn’t end there because after this has been done, there will be parts of the wall where the meter is now located which have been exposed or damaged. With this, you need to repair the damages or you can also have a plasterer and a decorator to have a whole new wall as well.

These works also come with costs so it would be best to include these in your budget and get an accurate total amount that you will be spending.

The actual work on moving the electric meter will most likely be completed in a day. It would also be best to have your electrician to watch on the job being done. It is also important to take note that there is a possibility for additional work in having the movement done and with this, you would need to pay extra for engineers.

Ready to get a quote from local tradespeople?

How Much Would It Cost To Relocate An Electric Meter?

£200 – £800 is the estimated average cost of moving your electric meter and this basically depends on the location of the meter and to where it will be relocated.

This job is considered by engineers as fixed with specific costs and a timeline. As mentioned before, it would be best to have an electrician which would be provided by your local electric company and with this, you need to wait for more or less six weeks for you to have one.

The two main factors that would affect the cost for this job are the supplier that you will be getting and the distance between the current placements of the meter to the new location. It is then given that the farther you would like the meter to be placed, the higher price you have to pay.

Below are the estimated costs when you hire an electrician to transfer your electric meter:




Move your electric meter 15 centimeters or less


1-2 hours

Move your electric meter up to 3 meters


3-4 hours

Move your electric meter to another wall


4-6 hours

Cost Breakdown Calculator for Moving Your Electric Meter Up To 3 Meters

The following are the individual costs of moving your electric meter up to 3 meters with a total cost of £450


– Materials

– £225


– Tradesmen

– £225


– Waste Removal

– £0