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Knowing the Cost of Moving an External Door 

This article will provide you helpful information about moving an external door, including the cost, materials, labor and turnaround time of this home improvement project.

If you are thinking about moving an external door then its best that you read this article first. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the project. What you need to consider beforehand, whether to use your existing door or to buy a new one, and if you opt to get a new door, what materials to choose best.

And for the most important question, how much will it cost you to move an external door. We will discuss that here so you will be fully prepared before you start on this project.

Everything you need to know about moving an external door

An external door that is installed in a rather unconventional location is not only annoying but it may cause an accident, as well. This is why it’s recommended that you move it to a conventional and safer location as soon as possible.

Now, if you have finally decided to have that external door moved then you have come to the right article. Here you are going to learn everything you need to know about moving an external door.

Why would you want to move an external door?

One of the first reasons why you would want to move an external door is to complement your home design. Your current door may be badly positioned and moving it would make everything look better. You would be surprised at how much change a single door can bring. It can transform not just the look of your home but the overall feel of your surroundings, too.

And aside from giving your home a makeover, moving an external door can also improve access. Plus it can also improve the amount of light that goes into your house and can help maximize the space.

Above all, moving an external door to a better position can help increase the value of your home as it may help the overall design to be more appealing.

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What to expect in moving an external door?

To move an external door, of course, the existing door should be removed first. In doing so, it is important that all the structural joists are still intact. The space where the door was taken from will then be sealed.

Once you have decided where to install the new door, a hole needs to be crafted from there. A new frame will be installed on the new location to hold the door.

Moving an external door may require a lot of work since it involves some brickwork, too. The space where the door used to be needs to be sealed and re-plastered. This may require you to hire a plasterer and a decorator. And if there’s any wiring in the way, you should also hire an electrician. You should consider these things in creating a budget for this project.

You may also need to secure a planning permission so it is recommended that you talk to your local council before you start with the project. You can do this yourself, or if you don’t have enough knowledge on the matter, you may want to ask some help from the professionals.

One thing that you need to consider, too, before you start with the project is the size as your door. Is your new door going to be the same size as your previous door?

Details such as this have to be double-checked and finalize before you start with the project to ensure that everything gets done on time. Making adjustments will not only cause a delay on the project but it will incur additional expenses, as well. So you need to take the planning stages seriously to avoid inconvenience.

Aside from double-checking if there’s a wiring on the way, you should also check if there’s some pipework in the location. That way, you can hire a technician and a plumber beforehand to make the project smooth sailing. But of course, this would mean more expenses on your part so you should also consider that in the planning stage.

How much moving an external door will cost you?

Moving an external door may cost you around £1000 and this could go up to £3000 depending on the amount of work involved.

Reusing your old door can save you money however, you also need to consider its condition. If your current door is old and is already in a poor condition then it’s best that you get a new door. Because using your old door — and replacing it again in the near future — will only make you spend more in the long run.

In planning your budget for moving your external door, you also need to include decorating work to restore the area where your door was. Aside from that, you should also consider the cost of diverting power or water supplies if necessary.

For the builders, they usually charge £150 a day.

Here are the estimated costs for hiring someone to move your external door:

  •         Transferring the same door to another location

          £1500-£2200 (this would usually take 1 to 2 days)

  •         Installation of new uPVC external door and sealing up of  previous opening

           £2000-£2250 (this would usually take 1 to 2 days)

          £2750-£3000 (this would usually take 1 to 2 days)

          £3000-£3500 (this would usually take 1 to 2 days)

Cost Breakdown for Moving an External Door

Frequently Asked Questions

Is planning permission required in moving an external door?

If you are still using the same door and you’re just moving it from one location to another then no, you don’t need a planning permission for that. However, you might need to secure planning permission if either you are fitting a new door or is living in a listed building. If your home is located in a conservative area then it’s best that you contact your local council first to check if you need planning permission for moving an external door. And remember to do this before you start with the project.

What material is best to use for front doors?

 There are actually a lot of options when it comes to front door materials and to give you a quick summary, here they are:

 o   Wood – Woods is still a popular choice for front doors because aside from being sturdy, they are easy to style, too. However, you should take into consideration the fact that woods don’t last that long. They usually deteriorate and begin to warp and sag over time.

 o   Composite – A composite door is a combination of steel, aluminum, uPVC, and wood so you can expect that they are meant to last for a long time. And aside from being long-lasting, composite doors are known for their thermal performance, easy maintenance and, of course, strength.

 o   Fiberglass – If you are looking for a door that is known to last long and is made from robust material to ensure utmost safety while being energy-efficient then fiberglass is the perfect choice for you. Fiberglass doors also have a wood-like appearance making it perfect if you want a wooden-looking door that lasts longer than a real wooden door.

 o   Steel – Steel doors are known to be real sturdy so it’s the perfect choice if security is your main concern. It is known to lock in the most warmth, too. Steel doors are not as appealing as wooden doors, though. However, steel is known to be a very good conductor so it is proven to retain the temperature and lock in the warmth inside the house. Steel doors don’t come cheap, though.

 o   Vinyl – Vinyl is known to be energy-efficient, durable, yet cheap compared to other materials, making it a perfect choice for a large number of patio door frames.

 o   Aluminum – Aside from being easy to maintain, aluminum is known to last long and energy-efficient, too, making it a popular choice also for patio doors. 

What type of wood is best for an external door?

There are a lot of options when it comes to wooden doors but one of the most popular choices is mahogany. Aside from its natural deep color which makes it very stylish, mahogany woods are also known as hard-wearing and robust, making it a very popular choice among those who prefer a wooden external door.

What type of exterior door is best for saving energy?

If you talk about energy efficiency then fiberglass, vinyl, and steel top the choices.

 Fiberglass is known to have four times the insulating R-value of wood. Vinyl is proven to help in maintaining the temperature inside as it works best in preventing hot or cold air from getting inside the house.  

Wood, on the other hand, is not a good thermal insulator. Wood has this classic, elegant aesthetics, though, making it a popular choice even though it is not energy efficient.

A Successful Project

To summarize things, moving an external door may actually need more planning than you thought so it’s best that you consult with the professionals first before you start with the project. That way, you will know what you need to prepare beforehand, what you need to take into consideration, and how much do you need to prepare to carry out the said home improvement project.