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Knowing the Cost of Installing a Fire Door

This article will provide you helpful information about installing a fire door, including the cost, materials, labor, and turnaround time of this home improvement project.

Are you wondering if you need a fire door installed in your home? Are you planning to have one installed yet you are worried about the cost? Well, here is everything you need to know about fire doors. You will understand its importance, the price it will cost you to have one installed, and the things you need to expect during the whole process.

Understanding the Importance of Installing a Fire Door

Did you know that having a fire door, provided that it is properly installed, can actually save your home and everything inside? And that includes your life and your family’s life, as well. This is how important a fire door is. If you have finally decided to install one then you have come to the right article. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about installing a fire door.

What to expect during fire door installation?

Fire door installation is something that must be taken seriously. This is why all the commercial buildings and even the large residential homes are required to have fire doors installed on them.

Fire door installation is required especially in large properties to protect not just the property but everyone there. The fire door is necessary to stop the fire from spreading, thus, it doesn’t only protect the property itself but all the neighboring buildings, as well.

So what should you expect during a fire door installation? Fire door is designed to stop the fire from spreading so it’s a must that it fits perfectly to serve its purpose. This is why you must ensure that your fire door is certified. Double-check if they use compatible ironmongery, too. Most of all, your iron door must come with a documentation along with the fitting instructions.

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How are fire doors fitted?

The process involves fitting the door frame along with the door itself. The door clearance must meet the standard required to ensure that it will serve its purpose. Thus, it’s vital that your door is attached properly to its frame and that it actually fits perfectly together. Next is ensuring that the door header is secured. Then the gaps around the frame must be filled with insulating materials.

The trims will be attached after that. After the fire door is hung, a safety check is necessary to ensure that everything is secured. This is done to check if the door actually closes firmly unto the latch from any angle. Aside from that, it must also be ensured that all the hinges fitted robustly and that no single part is missing from the door.

Everything must be installed properly to maximize safety. This is why a fire door installation must be followed by a fire door security check to ensure that everything is done properly. Unlike any ordinary door, a fire door can mean life or death so it’s a must that it follows the standard safety measure.

This is the reason why you should only trust the professionals when it comes to your fire door installation.  Ensure that the tradesmen who handle your fire door installation are actually certified and skilled enough to handle such an important job. To know more, please check FAQs below.

What additional expenses can arise during fire a door installation?

You might be wondering if there are any more expenses that could arise during the installation procedure. It depends, actually. You may need to spend more if let’s say they need to do some more work on your door to ensure that everything fits perfectly like trimming it down a bit. Sometimes you are required to buy new frames, too.

There are also instances where they would need more tradesmen to help in transporting the heavy wooden fire doors or to help in hanging the door. Of course, these could mean additional expenses on your part so it’s best that you ask them beforehand so you can include these in your budget.

How much does a fire door cost in general?

Normally, a fire door costs around £50 – £200. The premium type costs more, of course. Basically, a fire door’s price increases based on additional features. Like some fire doors are heavier than the other types for greater effect.

Some fire doors also come with better smoke seals so obviously these types cost more than the basic type.

A builder will usually charge £100 – 150 for a full day’s work but since a fire door installation would only take like 2 to 3 hours, that would only cost you around £40 – £70. If however, you opt for the heavier type of fire doors, one person may not be enough to handle the job so you might need to hire two builders for the project.

Here’s an estimated cost of hiring tradesmen for your fire door installation:

  • £200  – for a single fire door installation (this would take around 2-3 hours)

Cost breakdown of the whole fore door installation:

  • 70% – goes to the materials
  • 25% – goes to the tradesmen
  • 5% – goes to the waste removal

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are fire doors required legally?

Fire doors are required on:

o   Commercial Buildings

o   Accommodation Premises such as Flats

o   Larger Residential Homes

Also, remember that you cannot have the door installed by just anyone. Fire door installation must be handled by professionals who are certified to do the job. They must have the skills and experience needed to make sure that the fire door is installed properly. This is to ensure your safety, along with your properties and everyone within.

 Do fire doors need smoke seals?

Yes, your fire-resistant door must be fitted with intumescent door seals. These seals are designed to expand and seal the space between the door and the frame during a fire. This will occur as soon as the temperature reaches 200°C. Some fire doors also come with a ‘cold smoke’ seals to stop the progress of smoke around the edges of the fire door. So it’s best to know what type of door you are getting to ensure that you are really buying what you need.

Is installing a fire door is required for residential properties?

If you own a larger residential home then yes, you should install a fire door in your house and this is according to the building regulations. This is required to a two-storey house, provided that it has a door that connects an internal garage and the rest of the house, and any three-storey homes, be it new builds or renovated.

Can fire doors be trimmed?

Yes, you can trim the sides and the bottom of a fire door, however, there’s a certain amount on how much you can remove. So you must verify with your manufacturer first before you trim it down. However, you cannot cut the top part of the fire door. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Door

Choosing the right fire door for your properties is very important as your safety depends on it. And it’s a must, too, that you only allow professionals to handle the fire door installation. A fire door, provided that it is installed properly, can save not just your properties but your life and your loved ones’ life, as well. So it is something that you must not take for granted.