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Outbuilding: Estimated costs for labour and materials

Having an outbuilding on your property is a great idea. So if you have a spacious property then you have a lot of options to choose from which kind of outbuilding you can build inside your property. You can build a gym, sauna, garage, or some shed for extra storage. 

If you’re planning to build an outbuilding and you’re worried if it needs permission, then you don’t have to because it does not require a planning permission. You can also use the available space in your back yard or garden for some activities especially if you can’t accommodate all your visitors inside your house. In fact, it is cheaper to build an outbuilding instead of extending your house.

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In this article, we will tackle the costs and other information you will need in order to decide what is more practical. If you will build an outbuilding or extend your house for more space and storage. You will soon realize in this article, that an outbuilding has lower cost because there will be no further damages during the process unlike when you try to build an extension in your home. You still have to consider a lot of things especially the foundation of your house if it’s sturdy or not. You will just need some power that will connect to you electricity inside your house. You can also put some insulation on your outbuilding that you can use in the winter season.

Hiring an electrician will be a great help to fix your electricity wirings and connections to your new outbuilding. If the purpose of your outbuilding is to become your workspace, then you have to make sure that when it comes to electricity, everything is safely connected as we don’t want it to cause any fire accident.  You can ask for a detailed quotation that will state everything you need, and you can get them on larger companies. But when it comes to local tradesmen, you will need to hire another tradesmen to do the other work for your outbuilding or contractors. To get a quotation from our local tradesmen, click the “Get a Quotation” to start  getting quotations. 

There are different types of outbuildings and it varies depending on the style, the size, and its type. You should also consider that the most expensive part for an outbuilding are the kind of roof you’re going to use, the doors, the labour costs, and also the furniture and decorations you’re going to use. 

But, if you want to DIY the outbuilding, then it’s up to you. There are no required special tools but you will surely need a hand to build your DIY outbuilding. It’s just quite difficult to build a sturdy foundation for a DIY outbuilding. So ,to make it durable you have to choose a concrete foundation. You can hire someone to do the foundations then make the rest as DIY. 

When it comes to digging the foundations and fixing the electricity wiring’s and connections, you have to be very careful as if only one wrong move then everything may cause a huge problem and damage. So it would be just a waste if everything will not be properly done. But don’t hesitate to spend every penny you have just for the quality concrete foundation of an outbuilding. If you want your outbuilding to last for years then it should have a sturdy and solid foundation. Especially with the UK weather, your outbuilding should last. So don’t settle for less, because it will be more expensive when the time comes that you have to fix the structure again and again just because you cut the costs to save up. Where in, you don’t really save with the overall costs, you will soon realise that you just spend more than you should have.

In order to build your outbuilding, you will need some requirements for site access. You also have to double-check everything especially the sizes and make sure that the materials needed will fit through the way inside your property. In addition, some tradesmen may charge you an extra if it will be hard for them to transport all the materials and doesn’t fit well to your gate. 

All about the Overall Outbuilding Costs 

The information about the costs for an outbuilding were just estimated and based on the builders here in the UK. All of these are from both online and direct builders. So if you want to know the exact costs for your outbuilding, then you can ask for a quotation with your local tradesmen and private building companies here in the UK. Keep in mind also, that the costs will vary depending on the size of an outbuilding, the  materials, the labour costs, and the type of outbuilding you would like to build.

The average cost when you hire a  building specialist will range from £150  up to £200 per day for outbuilding. Choosing tradesmen to build your outbuilding can affect the cost too. So, if you will hire local builders from a small company, then the cost will be cheaper than other companies. The estimated labour cost you may charge per day will range from  £200 up to £1000 depending on the number of builders you will hire. The more builders you have then the faster the process will be, just expect that you’ll have to pay more.

Here’s an estimated labour cost if you hire a specialist for each job you wanted to be done for your outbuilding: For a concrete foundation on your garage, it will cost £10,000, and the timeframe is around 2-3 weeks. For a simple standard sauna it will cost around £3,000 and will take around 1-2 weeks. For a small workplace/ garden/studio, it will cost £9,000 and could take 2-3 weeks time. 


So if the purpose of your outbuilding is just for your personal use and will not be used as an accommodation area for family gatherings then there’s no need for an outbuilding planning  permission. But just to make sure if your outbuilding is covered by Permitted Development rights, then you can check it directly to the nearest local planning authority. Your outbuilding just needs to fit the standards such as it must be a single storey and should be less than 3 metre tall.